Fábián Villányi Process Archive laundromats: research Textile hygiene has always been in connection with communality, either because of its relation or of its absence. Socially executed manual washing faded out with the breakthrough of industrial revolutions. Later, as many societies were affected by economic recess, coin laundries gained ground as a new typology. Today, as […]


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Fábián Villányi Process Archive research lab


Fábián Villányi Process Archive underground museum Concept for the extension between the Naturhistorisches and Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. Vierendeel trusses enable a sustainable exhibition layout. The central courtyards are designed so that a fare amount of natural light gets into the basement. They also offer a view into the museum from the public level.


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Fábián Villányi Process Archive bruxelles In the 1960s Brussels destroyed a whole residential district in favor of a new business district development. The WTC II was one of several office towers in the area. Despite a housing crisis, the building is destined to become demolished. By analyzing the structure we discovered hidden potentials which could be […]


Fábián Villányi Process Archive open design academy – montreuil Neighborhoods rethought: Can a vertical typology dissolve boundaries between users of various kinds? Is there a way to transpose functions and gently guide to an understanding of how artists’, designers’ routine looks like?  If we examine closely, the process might be even more interesting than the […]